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​Gel Removal DELUXE Professional

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Gel Removal DELUXE Professional

This nail machine uses the steam to soften the gel nail polish, remove kinds of gels in a short time and it can clean your 5 fingers all at once. Besides, the nail remover water can be reused so as to avoid wasting.

• Open the top cover of the steamer off machine
• Pour into 5-10 ml Gel removal solution
• Use Nail file filing the top coat lightly
• Turn on the power switch, then the ''H'' light on, after a while (2 mins) ''S'' light on, you can put your fingers into the top
• The LED Gel can be removed easily after 5 mins, but for the extention UV Gel, it will take 10mins, the max temp is 52 C
• Use Nail push remove gel polish quickly before it get dry again (within 15 Secs is better), switch off the machine after your finished

• Country of manufacture: Italy
• Power: 36W