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​Mini Hair Straightener EP TECHNOLOGY 5.0 BaBylissPRO® ELIPSIS2000 BAB2000EPE

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Brand: BaBylissPRO®

Mini Hair Straightener EP TECHNOLOGY 5.0 BaBylissPRO® ELIPSIS2000 BAB2000EPE

BaByliss PRO Elipsis 2000 is a mini flat iron that will be the perfect solution for working with bangs and short hair.
BaByliss PRO Elipsis 2000 (BAB2000EPE) is equipped with small plates (20x65mm) and special EP 5.0 TECHNOLOGY coating. Such plates provide excellent gliding along the hair and have the following advantages:
3 times stronger and more durable
3 times more slippery
Resistant to high temperatures
Resistant to chemical elements
Thanks to this hair straighteners design, its rounded shape in the form of an ellipsis, which won’t just allow you to straighten your hair, but it will also allow you to curl and twist your hair, just like regular curler. This model can provide two tools in just one.
This model isn’t equipped with temperature controller, plates heat up to 215°C, which is automatically controlled and maintained. This temperature will provide the best results both for hair straightening and curling, event the curliest of hairs won’t be hard to straighten.

Technical specification:
• Country of manufacture: France
• Type: Professional Mini Hair Straightener
• Plates (mm): 20х65 mm
• Operating temperature (°C): 215
• Cable length (meter): 1,8
• Accessories: Storage pouch, thermal styling glove