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​Straightening iron 25mm Ultra Curl styler EP TECHNOLOGY 5.0 BaBylissPRO® BAB2071EPE

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Brand: BaBylissPRO®

Straightening Iron 25mm Ultra Curl styler EP TECHNOLOGY 5.0 BaBylissPRO® BAB2071EPE

This is a very technical process similar to what is done in jewelry. Its achievement lasts a long time as this is about getting a layer of micrometric metallic particles by electroplating
> no friction for even more smoothness
> no chemical agents for better resistance to high-heat
> even heat distribution all through the plates
Advanced Heat Management™ system
The styler integrates the latest self-regulating heating element, the Advanced Heat Management™, which gives accurate and continuous electronic control of the temperature. Because of this technology, the unit offers immediate heat-up, a very high temperature, temperature stability to the nearest half degree and very quick reaction and recovery times.
Perfect results
The hi-tech heating element provides even heat distribution all through the plates. The three indicator lights will blink until the tool has reached the selected temperature.
The temperature control from 170°C to 230°C lets it to be used on any type of hair from the most fragile to the most difficult one, from the thinnest to the coarsest one
> perfect straightening for all hair types from natural hair extensions to ethnic hair
> optimized curl creation, with a temperature between 170°C et 200°C, according to the hair type.
Floating 25mm EP TECHNOLOGY 5.0 plates to perfectly absorb the pressure and thus allow for a smooth and even gliding along the entire hair section; regardless of any irregularity in the thickness of the hair section, the pressure used will be the same all over the entire length. During the curl creation process the hair glides through the plates to smoothen the entire hair section, while the sides of the curved plates create the curl. The styler BaBylissPRO® BAB2072EPE is a high technology tool and perfectly suitable for all hair types and styles.

Technical specification:
• Country of brand: France
• Country of manufacture: China
• Type: Straightening iron with EP Technology 5.0
• Power (W): 40
• Plates (mm): 25x90
• Advanced Heat Management System™: Yes, immediate heat-up
• Temperature selector, °C and indicator lights: 3 settings (170–200–230)
• On/off switch: Yes
• Cable length (meter): 2,7; professional swivel cord