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​Roll-On Strip Wax DEPILÈVE NG Aloe Vera 100 ml

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Roll-On Strip Wax DEPILÈVE NG Aloe Vera 100 ml

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NG Aloe Vera roll-on wax with strips
The NG version of the Aloe Vera roll-on wax contains derivatives of pine rosin. The liquid texture of this wax allows it to be applied in extra thin layers. This benefit, alongside its unlimited drying time, makes it ideal for a fast and effective wax treatment on extensive areas such as the legs, arms, back and chest.

Active ingredients:
>Aloe Vera Oleate: This is a natural emollient (softening action) that moisturises, regenerates and reduces irritation.
>Derivatives of rosin.
>Mineral Oils: Work as plastifying agents in the wax.

How to use:
• Clean area to be waxed with pre-epilation skin cleanser .
• In cartridge heater, allow wax to heat to ideal working temperature 56-58° C.
• Working in small sections and in the direction of hair growth, roll wax onto skin in an even, thin layer.
• Seal the epilation strip over the wax by using palm of hand moving in the direction of the hair growth, repeating to ensure seal is even across the strip.
• To remove, hold skin taut below the bottom edge of epilation strip with one hand.
• Using the other hand quickly remove the strip by pulling in the opposite direction of hair growth.
• Finish with post-epilation wax cleanser and lotion as necessary.

• Country of manufacture: Spain
• Type: Roll-on strip wax
• Format: 100 ml