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​Paddle XL PRO L OLIVIA GARDEN® Ceramic+ion

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Paddle XL PRO L OLIVIA GARDEN® Ceramic+ion

Tourmaline-Ion Technology
The Tourmaline injection process reduces the static electricity of the hair. Ionized brushes offer the best protection, especially for frequent hair drying or the use of heat-based technologies.

Anti-static and Ion charged nylon bristles
Anti-static, ionized plastic bristles, as by this Olivia Garden brush, prevent effectively the charge of the hair with static electricity for straight and shiny hair. The cuticle layer of each hair will then be closed which effectively prevents the hair from drying out.

Ionic soft cushion
Ionic technology reduces electrostatic charging of the hair, closes the cuticle layer surrounding each hair and contributes to a smooth and shiny finish and better manageability. The ionized Olivia Garden rubber pad ensures that the hair does not dry out.

Snag-free ring
The Olivia Garden brushes are designed for comfort and perfect handling. Attention is also paid to seemingly irrelevant matters. Not only the bristles are designed for less tangle, even the ring underneath the barrel is self-contained, to prevent the hair from hooking in the ring during the brushing.

Ergonomic handle
An ergonomic handle by Olivia Garden with anti-slip material ensures a maximum comfort.

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• Country of manufacture: USA
• Series-model: Ceramic+ion PADDLE XL PRO
• Type: Hair brushes
• Base material: Ceramic Barrel, handle with anti-slip material, ionized rubber pad
• Bristle material: Anti-static and ion charged nylon bristles