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​Brush-Mirror Folding EUROStil Professional 00329/50

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Brand: EUROStil

Brush-Mirror Folding EUROStil Professional 00329/50

The Brush – Mirror Folding Black provides a compact and lightweight way to brush your hair on the go. Acceptable for women, men, and children, the bristles work on both thin and thick hair. When you’re finished, the bristles simply retract, allowing you to fold the entire brush in half and ensuring that the bristles don’t tear the lining of your purse. The built-in mirror is also helpful when you need to check your hair, put in contacts, or anything else that requires a mirror.

Convenient, compact folding hairbrush
Built-in mirror on handle

• Country of manufacture: Spain
• Model: 00329/50
• Type: Brush–Mirror Folding
• Material: Plastik
• Weight (g): 63