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​Fingerbrush Medium OLIVIA GARDEN® Ionic Curved & Vented Paddle Brush

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Fingerbrush Medium OLIVIA GARDEN® Ionic Curved & Vented Paddle Brush

1. Finger Brush
A unique hand-shaped design for a hair & scalp massage, on wet or dry hair.

2. Antistatic-Ion-Technology
Antistatic active ion technology prevents electrostatic charging of the hair when brushing with these Olivia Garden brushes. The hair is treated and protected, resulting in a healthy shine and improved styling. The cuticle layer of each hair will be closed, which effectively prevents the hair from drying out.

3. Anti-static bristles
Electrostatic charge of the hair is an eternal problem with hair care. As it is caused by friction, the effect occurs during the brushing. Anti-static bristles, as on these Olivia Garden brushes, prevent efficiently the charge of the hair with static electricity for straight and shiny hair.

4. Perfectly rounded nylon bristles
Care of hair and scalp is the most important part during the brushing, because healthy hair is indispensable for every good styling. Therefore, the nylon bristles are carefully rounded at the ends to prevent damages of the hair structure or the scalp.

5. Optimized Air Flow
The hair-drying should ideally be fast with a beautiful and even result - without overheating and drying out the hair. Large air holes in the barrel of Olivia Garden brushes provide a better airflow. Result: a faster and more effective styling.

6. Retractable sectioning pick
For many blow drying and styling techniques, it is important to section the hair. The sectioning pick at the end of the handle of this Olivia Garden brush is perfect for professional sectioning of the hair. Precise styling gets then considerably easier.

7. Lightweight
When it comes to choosing the correct hairstyling tool, the weight is an important factor. A heavy brush can quickly cause a strain on your wrist, arm and shoulder, especially in case of fancy hairstyling. The lighter a brush, the more comfortable and easier to handle it. Ultra-light brushes by Olivia Garden are made for relaxing and ergonomic styling.

• Country of brand: USA
• Country of manufacture: Korea
• Series-model: Fingerbrush, FB-medium
• Bristle material: Anti-static nylon bristles