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​Round Brush C2 88052-2 JAGUAR® C-Serie 25 mm

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Brand: JAGUAR®

Round Brush C2 88052-2 JAGUAR® C-Serie 25 mm

Jaguar Brush C2 is a round brush of 25 mm diameter.
Jaguar Brush C2 is designed with rounded nylon nubs, particularly soft for the scalp and particularly resistant to high temperatures.
Jaguar Brush C2 allows easy disentangling and shaping of the hair and is also suitable for extensions.
Jaguar Brush C2 is provided with a body with a ceramic coating and a tip allowing a separation of the wicks.

• high heat resistant;
• bristles offer heat resistance far (60 °C) above the standard;
• ceramic coated body;
• static free;
• ergonomic handle;
• ionic.

Avoid skin contact with aluminum cylinder when hot.

• Country of manufacture: Germany
• Model: C-serie, C2 88052-2
• Type: Hair brushes
• Base material: Ceramic
• Bristle material: Nylon
• Diameter (mm): 25