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​Styling Flat Brush 02452 EUROStil Professional Pure Boar

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Brand: EUROStil

Styling Flat Brush 02452 EUROStil Professional Pure Boar

EuroStil Professional Styl. Flat Brush Pure Boar helps create added volume to style.
Lifeless hair can be a real buzzkill but that’s where this teasing brush comes in. Designed by acclaimed hair brand Euro Stil, the hand-made brush is crafted with natural boar bristles and a heat resistant plastic handle, which makes it easy to control when styling. Use to create a full-bodied look by running the brush through your hair towards the scalp in short strokes and smooth over. This brush makes achieving voluminous hair easy and while backcombing can be risky, it didn’t cause any breakage.

• Country of manufacture: Spain
• Model: 02452
• Type: Brush for hair, for create added volume to style
• Base and bristle materials: Plastik, boar
• Weight (g): 26