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​Detangling Comb 00136/50 EUROStil Professional Da-Tangler Comb Black 22 cm

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Brand: EUROStil

Detangling Comb 00136/50 EUROStil Professional Da-Tangler Comb Black 22 cm

EuroStil Professional Cutting Comb 00136/50 styling hair comb with a straight strong back is crafted in Spain and offers utmost protection to sensitive hair cuticles. It is made of special plastic which has been shaped in a premium quality mould, and is therefore free of uneven edges that would damage the hair. The comb is antistatic and glides perfectly through the hair, while gently massaging the scalp.
Excellent design with middle teeth makes this comb perfect for hair styling, gentle detangling and spreading of colours or hair products.

• Comb is heat resistant, and seamlessly glides through wet or dry hair.
• Anti static, smooth and comfortable.
• Use your Comb to distribute conditioner or mousse evenly through damp hair.
• Especially effective on thick, long hair.
• Improves strength, shine and manageability while reducing frizz.

• Country of manufacture: Spain
• Model: 00136/50
• Type: Cutting comb
• Material: Plastic
• Weight (g): 30