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​Brush 03690 EUROStil Professional White Boar Bristles Oval Large

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Brand: EUROStil

Brush 03690 EUROStil Professional White Boar Bristles Oval Large

Euro Stil brushes are the result of intensive development and the choice of high materials. They stand out thanks to their performance, high quality and advanced design. They leave hair shiny and silky. The extensive range of Euro Stil brushes has been developed in response to the demands of professional hairdressers.

Every stylist knows the best hairbrushes have boar bristle. But for the best results, you'll want a brush that has BOTH synthetic (nylon) bristles AND boar bristles. The mix creates the perfect brush: The boar bristles are gentle, while the synthetic bristles help hair dry faster. A good brush helps create shine by distributing oils from your scalp evenly over hair. It acts as a detangler and it won't harm the scalp or tug at strands.

• Country of manufacture: Spain
• Model: 03690
• Type: Massage brush for hair
• Material: Plastic, boar, nylon
• Weight (g): 110