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​Hairdressing Scissors Blue Fire 229 KIEPE® Professional 5.75

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Brand: KIEPE®

Hairdressing Scissors Blue Fire 229 KIEPE® Professional 5.75

New ‘’ Micro-Welding’’ technology
New and unusual system that allows to produce cutting instruments with high performances.
With this process, extra-hard blades produced with the best Japanese steel are jointed together with handles made up by extra light pressure die-cast steel, but with high resistance and handiness.
An unique product, balanced and light, which differs from the other shears aleardy on the market, having blades jointed with handles through simple screws.

Blue Fire Line

‘’ Vacuum Heat Treatment’’ hardening process.
High technology process that allows a complete control during the tempering-hardening process, from the ‘’quenching’’ of the piece to the ‘’sub-zero’’ ICE TEMPERED phase.

Construction materials:
Blades: Japanese steel 440C-HRC 59-61
Handles: extra-light, pressure die-cast steel HRC 33-35

• Country of manufacture: Italy
• Type: Hairdressing scissors
• Scissors size: 5,75'' (16 cm)
• Design: Semi-Offset