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​Texturing Scissors 3054-1 JAGUAR® WL Pastell Plus ES 40 Viola Offset

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Brand: JAGUAR®

Texturing Scissors 3054-1 JAGUAR® WL Pastell Plus ES 40 Viola Offset

• 40 thinning teeth with fine V-teeth serration for a pleasantly smooth feeling and a precise cut.
• High-quality metallic coating. Protection for those with nickel allergy.
• Offset design for ergonomic handle position and relaxed working.

Due to the ice-treated quality steel in combination with a flat cutting edge angle, WHITE LINE scissors offer very good, long-lasting sharpness with good slicing capability.

Long-lasting sharpness due to the use of forged high-quality steel and the ice-tempering process at-80 °C for solid hardness.

Precision blade form thanks to bending process and VARIO screw for easy, excellent cutting action.

Classic blades with a flat cutting edge angle for very good sharpness. Well suited to slice cutting thanks to hollow grinding and honing.

The offset position of the two scissor rings relieves tension in the muscles of the arm, neck and shoulders. Cuttinng becomes comfortable and effortless.

• Country of manufacture: Germany
• Series-Model: White Line - Pastell Plus ES 40, 3054-1
• Type: Hairdressing thinning scissor (modelling scissors)
• Teeth: 40
• Material: Chrome stainless steel
• Weight (g): 36
• Scissors size: 5,5'' (14 cm)
• Technical features: Finger rest, detachable finger hook, VARIO screw
• Handling: Offset