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​UV LED Nail Lamp Gel Curing DELUXE Professional

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Brand: DELUXE Professional

UV LED Nail Lamp Gel Curing DELUXE Professional

Product Feautres:
1. Dual UV LED Light Source- 24pcs 365nm+395nm dual UV LED light beads to cure almost all type of UV and LED nail gel polishes.
2. Unique Infrared Light Source – 4pcs 660nm physiotherapy red light source can whiten your skin while curing the nails.
3. Automatic Sensor – In Infrared mode, the lights would be on automatically when your hand's in and off when hand's out .
4. 3 Timer Settings & 2 Modes- Flexible to choose the time and mode according to the gel type.
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• Country of brand: Italy
• Country of manufacture: China
• Power: 50 watt