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​Hot Air Brush 4550-0470 WAHL 4550-0470 WAHL Pro Air Styler

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Brand: WAHL

Hot Air Brush 4550-0470 WAHL 4550-0470 WAHL Pro Air Styler

The Pro Air Styler is perfect for drying and styling the hair at the same time.

STRONG: 1100 Watt power for drying and forming. Powerful motor with protection from overheating.
VARIABLE: 3 interchangeable thermal circular brushes for small waves (Ø 25 mm), volume and big waves
(Ø 30 mm / Ø 38 mm).
CLEVER: Prevents hair from getting caught during styling. The insert bristles of the round thermo brush enable the hair to be released quickly and simply (Ø 30 mm only).
SAFE: Brush body made of aluminum. Insulated safety tip.
COOL: 3 speed and heat levels. Cooling level to set the styling.
CABLE: 2.8 m swivel cord with hanging loop.

Technical specification:
• Country of manufacture: Germany
• Operating voltage: 1100 W
• Mains Voltage: 230-240 V
• Heating levels: 3 speed and heat levels, cooling level
• Weight (grams): 240-270 (without cable)
• Cable length (meter): 2,8