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​Cord/Cordless Clipper Super Taper ProLithium Series WAHL 08591-016

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Brand: WAHL

Cord/Cordless Clipper Super Taper ProLithium Series WAHL 08591-016

WAHL Super Taper Cordless Clipper is inspired by the world-renowned WAHL Super Taper. The Super Taper has been regarded as an absolute global must-have for barbers and barbers for decades. Now WAHL presents the classic clipper in a new wireless version. The WAHL Super Taper Cordless Clipper has a professional cutting blade (chrome-plated precision blade set. Convenient thumb lever adjusts the taper and texture without changing blades) that can be adjusted using the adjustable lever (from 1-3mm). The Super Taper Cordless is equipped with a Lithium Ion battery for longer life and no memory effect. The Super Taper Cordless lasts 90 minutes and has a charging time of 120 minutes.
The Super Taper Cordless comes with four clipper attachment combs. The clipper can also be used with the cord.
• 90 minutes operating time
• 120 minutes charging time
• Lithium Ion battery for longer life
• Adjustable cutting blade due to lever
• Can be used with or without the cord

WAHL Super Taper Cordless ProLithium accessories:
• 4x Attachment combs (3, 6, 10 en 13mm)
• 1x Flat-Top Hairstyling Comb
• 1x Cleaning brush
• 1x Oil
• 1x Cutting blade protector
• 1x Charger

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Technical data:
• Device type: Cord/Cordless SUPER TAPER 08591-016
• Drive unit: DC motor, 5500 rpm
• Mains voltage (V): 100-240 ~50/60 Hz
• Mains operating time: Continuous operation
• Battery operating time (min.): 90, Lithium-Ion
• Battery charging time (min.): 120
• Weight (gr): 290
• Cable length (m): 2.4 (plug-in transformer)
• Cutting length (mm): 1-3.5
• Cutting width (mm): 40
• Blade set: Fixed, chrome blade with taper lever
• Accessories: 4 attachment combs: 3 mm, 6 mm, 10 mm, 13 mm, flat-top hairstyling comb, cleaning brush, oil, cutting blade protector, charger