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​Hot Wax Pearls Green Ro.ial. 800 g

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Brand: Ro.ial.

Hot Wax Pearls Green Ro.ial. 800 g

Hot wax Pearls Green RO.IAL contains natural additives and a high percentage of pine resin. Does not irritate the skin and well removes unwanted hair, do not leave broken hairs. Suitable for all skin and hair types.
Suitable for depilation on sensitive areas of the body, deep bikini, armpits and face.

Direction for use:
Preheat wax for working temperature of 50 degrees, When cooling down, the wax forms a thin film on the skin, so it is removed without paper strips.
Must only be applied to healthy, clean, dry, non irritated skin without any trace of cream or greasy substance. Do not use after bath or on cuts, varicose veins, spots or a burnt skin. Do not overheat the wax. Try on small area before applying. Do not empty into drains. Keep out reach of children. Avoid any contact with eyes. Do not use for another using than indicated. Respect carefully the directions for use.
Keep the Hot Wax Pearls in a dry and cool place.

• Country of manufacture: Italy
• Weight: 800 g