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​Wax Heater DELUXE Professional

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Brand: DELUXE Professional

Wax Heater DELUXE Professional

The wax heater is designed for professional users, and it can melt solid wax and canned wax.

Operating instructions:
• Connect to AC power cord
• Touch to start the machine
• Touch or continuous press the key of temperature increase / temperature reduction to set the temperature what your need; or direct touch the key of solid wax (85C/185F)/ canned wax(75C/167F) to set the temperature.
• Wax heater will automatically melt after setting temperature, when melting temperature heat up to setted temperature, wax heater enter to heat preservation.
• According to using habit, you can continuous press the C/F switch button to set the temperature what you used last time.

• Panel control by electronic is more durable and fashionable
• The non-stick layer of inner pot not easy to stick the wax bean
• The temperature sensor directly decide the temperature of inner pot
• Heating by bottom can melts more faster and more thoroughly
• Controlled accurate temperature can help you avoid burning the skin by high temperature

Product details:
• Electronic control panel
• Non-stick coating and the device of scrape wax
• Temperature sensor contact with the inner pot directly

Technical instruction
• Maximum temperature: 120C/248F
• Power: 100W
• AC input : 100-240V 50/60HZ

• Country of manufacture: Italy
• Type: Wax Heater

• Capacity: 500 ml