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​Thermostatic Depilatory Roller DELUXE Professional

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Brand: DELUXE Professional

Thermostatic Depilatory Roller DELUXE Professional

The thermostatic depilatory roller ensures a comfortable wax-heating and application.
Easy to work with, thanks to the ergonomic shape and lightness.
Special areas ensuring adhesion.
Designed for 100 ml wax cartridges.

Instructions for use:
Place the wax cartridge inside the thermostatic depilatory roller and put it into the base station.
Wash and dry off your skin.
Apply the wax in the same direction as your hair grows.
Press a waxing strip to the waxed area.
Rip off the strip very quickly, backwards to the direction your hair grows.
Remove the remaining pieces of wax.
Technical specification:
Power: 40W
with a built-in thermostat
Voltage: 230V
Heating time: ~ 20 min

• Country of brand: Italy
• Country of manufacture: China