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​Thermostatic Depilatory Roller DELUXE Professional

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Brand: DELUXE Professional

Thermostatic Depilatory Roller DELUXE Professional

Double depilatory wax warmer/heater machine. Easy operation, high efficiency.
Heating fast, 40W power each piece, only heat it for 20-30 minutes and then you can apply it.
Absolutely safe and leaves no aftereffect.
Help to quickly remove the hair on your body, arm, finger, armpit, leg, etc.
Innovative technology helps to remove hair from the root and leave you soft, silky skin.

Instructions for use:
• Place the wax cartridge inside the thermostatic depilatory roller and put it into the base station.
• Wash and dry off your skin.
• Apply the wax in the same direction as your hair grows.
• Press a waxing strip to the waxed area.
• Rip off the strip very quickly, backwards to the direction your hair grows.
• Remove the remaining pieces of wax.

• Country of brand: Italy
• Country of manufacture: China