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​Paraffin Wax Treatment Equipment DELUXE Professional

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Brand: DELUXE Professional

Paraffin Wax Treatment Equipment DELUXE Professional

Paraffin treatment makes skin soft and smooth with its outstanding effect especially to the dry and rough skin in winter. Also it can improve the blood circulation of the skin.

• The machine should be placed in a stable heat-resistant desktop
• Cleaning your hands or feet before paraffin wax treatment
• Crack the wax into small pieces before opening the wax package, put the small pieces wax into the paraffin heater, and put on the cover. (Please not the surface of heated wax should kept between the ,, MAX,, line and ,, MIN,, line)
• Plug in and press the power button ,,ON,,.
• Then the LED digital display will show the temperature 60C, you can press the button +C or –C to reach the temperature needed. (Please note that the Min temperature 60 C, and the Max is 80C)
• After melting the wax, press the button ,,OFF,, , and wait a moment to cool down the wax to a working temperature, then use brush to apply them on the skin and put on the plastic gloves. Next put on the cotton glove. By this way, the skin can absorb the rich nourish effectively. Also the paraffin wax makes the skin warm and stimulates the blood circulation. This working will last for about 20 minutes.
• After wax treatment, take off the cotton gloves and paraffin wax with plastic gloves
• After using, please turn off the machine, switch off the power
• Please note that the paraffin wax can be reused after it became solid

Dip Hands/Elbows/Feet several times into wax to form a soft glove of heated paraffin wax that releases and moisturising properties deep into the skin.

To prolong the treatment place your hands into glove liners then insulated mits to keep the warmth in.

After a few minutes skin is soothed and moisturised, the paraffin wax gloves can be removed and skin gently massaged for complete softness.

• You can now paper, smoother and renew hands, feet and elbows with aromatherapy paraffin wax with gentle heat.

• Warm Wax can also help to ease painful/stiff joints and tired muscles

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• Country of manufacture: Italy
• Type: Paraffin wax Treatment Equipment
• Voltage: AC220-240V/ 50HZ
• Power: 180W
• Temperature Melting wax: 60-80C