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​Comb 00426 EUROStil Professional Da-Tangler Comb Large, Colours

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Brand: EUROStil

Comb 00426 EUROStil Professional Da-Tangler Comb Large, Colours

Detangling Comb Wide Tooth

The Da-Tangler comb is perfect for use as an everyday comb on dry hair or as a shower comb for spreading hair cosmetics or treatments. If your hair is prone to thinning, use the Da-Tangler to stimulate healthy hair growth. It is resistant to heat and chemicals, and won't discolorate with regular use.

Thanks to hand sawing, cutting and polishing, the Da-Tangler comb boasts totally seamless construction for excellent gliding. This comb can be used on wet and dry hair, making it an ideal everyday comb for all hair types.

Use to detangle hair and evenly distribute toner/dye/conditioner through wet hair. The wide spaced teeth prevent breakage and damage to the hair. Rounded teeth are gentle on the hair, without pulling or snagging.

• Country of manufacture: Spain
• Model: 00426
• Type: Detangling Comb
• Material: Polycarbonate and polyoxymethylene
• Weight (g): 55
• Color: Black, raspberry, blue