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​Hairdressing Scissors KIEPE® Professional Sonic 2115

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Brand: KIEPE®

Hairdressing Scissors KIEPE® Professional Sonic 2115

Plastic handle series
• Stainless steel
• Micro serrated edge for straight cuts
• Ice-tempered in checked atmosphere

KIEPE Scissors PLASTIC HANDLE 5,5"" (14 cm.) With ergonomic grip and thumb ring for reduced working posture.
The Kiepe scissors are manufactured in the talent and the need for stylists with demanding and innovative techniques court.
Made of stainless steel alloys high carbon, and a superior corrosion and wear resistance.
The advanced technology of its alloy for optimum hardness, using a technique of cooling below zero, which ensures the blade sharpness very long term.

• Never use scissors for any purpose other than the haircut.
• Clean scissors every day, cleaning all the excess moisture and hair fragments.
• Lubricate the screw once a week.
• Lubricate the joint by opening and closing the scissors.
• Wipe excess oil.
• Avoid dropping the scissors.
• Store in a dry place protected.
• Tool for professional use.

• Country of manufacture: Italy
• Series-Model: PLASTIC HANDLE, 2115
• Type: Hairdressing scissors
• Material: Stainless steel
• Scissors size: 5,5'' (14 cm)