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​Hairdressing Scissors KIEPE® Professional 6'' Galaxis 244

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Brand: KIEPE®

Hairdressing Scissors KIEPE® Professional 6'' Galaxis 244

Classical model with rounded handles.

General characteristics of the Kiepe GALAXIS SERIES line:
• Enriched carbon stainless steel Aisi 420
• Blades sharpned with ""Diamond Sharp"" system
• Tempered in checked atmosphere
• Razor’s edge
• Matt finishing (gilt finishing in the model Golden CUT)

• Never use scissors for any purpose other than the haircut.
• Clean scissors every day, cleaning all the excess moisture and hair fragments.
• Lubricate the screw once a week.
• Lubricate the joint by opening and closing the scissors.
• Wipe excess oil.
• Avoid dropping the scissors.
• Store in a dry place protected.
• Tool for professional use.

• Country of manufacture: Italy
• Series-Model: Galaxis, 244
• Type: Hairdressing scissors
• Material: Stainless steel
• Scissors size: 6'' (15,5 cm)
• Design: Regular