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Hairdressing Scissors ALEXANDER STYLE Visix 5,5''

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Hairdressing Scissors ALEXANDER STYLE Visix 5,5''

Hair Cutting is both a science and an art. The science of hair cutting reveals the tools which leads to the art of revealing true beauty. Alexander Style offers hair shear from basic range for beginners to the high end one for the professional users.

Ergonomically designed and acutely balanced scissors. Manufactured from stainless steel with micro serrated blades for best quality and durability. The classic scissor with a comfortable finger rings allow for perfect control. Hand-Honed to allow perfect slice cutting.

Combining both labour intensive and machine intensive production processes through use of traditional craftsmanship and state of the art Solingen machinery, the products are able to represent its brand ''Alexander Style'' as one of the rapid growing label over the last decade.

Shears and Razors are exclusively crafted from various types of steel which includes 410 420C 420C (J2) and 440C in order to avoid corrosion and maintain higher toughness.

High grit stones and fine grinding wheels are keys to the uniqueness of sharpening. Razors are sharpened with 4000 high grit stone and sandpapers from 200 grit-1000 grit are used to shaperen scissors. This along with the use of skillfull labour results in sharpness to be achieved.

At Alexander Style we ensure that every scissor blade are equally balanced for meticulous and effortless cutting. In addition quality control report for each order is evaluated for material specification and technical details of the product.

• Country of manufacture: Pakistan
• Series-Model: Visix
• Type: Hairdressing scissors
• Material: Stainless steel
• Scissors size: 5,5'' (14 cm)
• Design: Classic